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We can offer for our clients more than 1000 names of metal-working equipment, residing on our storehouses and possibility of order of equipment on catalogue. 

Today we can with confidence to say that bathed by You equipment will is getted You at most short periods with minimum expenseses. Also we offer clients a service of searching for of equipment on Russia and overseas.

If You important result - use the reliable decision.
Our specialistes will help to do Your business successful.

Our adress: 660048, Russia, city Krasnoyarsk, str. Kalinina, house 64, office 3

tel/fax (391) 268-13-20

Division of sale:

Analytical division:

Please, take into consideration a difference in standard time.
Our time zone are GMT +7:00.

Respectfully yours and hope for the future cooperation,
collective of "StankPressService".



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