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Searching for metal-working and other equipment

Our company produces searching for any equipment, as worked, so and new, in Russia.

Help in realization of Your equipment

We will help to realize at most short periods available beside You equipment on beneficial price to You. You necessary only to send the demand in our division of realization, with instruction of exact model of equipment, serial number, year of issue, and cost. Quickly arrange demand You may on this reference :  Sell of equipment

Estimation of cost, conditions of equipment

Searching For of technical passports

Development of schemes of disassembling, loading, calculation of cost of delivery

We will help You to calculate all expenses on takedown/montage, loading, delivery of your equipment.

Assembly/Disassembly of equipment

Our engineer and designers assemble/unmount, produce starting-adjustment and alignments nearly whole spectrum of metal-working equipment.

Reconstruction and heavy repair of equipment

For present-day day we concern with reconstruction, turning, milling, polishing tools, hydraulic and mechanical presses, mass of mechanical part not more than 10 tons.


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